Friday, February 8, 2008

The Dashiki Plan

I can swear that Doug Schoen said, "The Dashiki Plan." Now I just can't imagine Mike dressed in a dashiki, but he'd do anything I guess if that's what the data says. Plan In Place In Case Mayor Decides To Run For President from of 2/8/08

A top deputy to Mayor Michael Bloomberg has created a comprehensive "master plan," just in case Bloomberg decides to run for president.
In an interview on "Inside City Hall" Friday, political consultant Doug Schoen said Deputy Mayor Kevin Sheekey is ready to create a national network on behalf of Bloomberg. Schoen says the mayor has already speculated privately about a presidential run.
"Kevin Sheekey has a mechanism in place to get the mayor on the ballot, to produce the volunteers, to get a campaign moving," said Schoen. "The only thing Kevin Sheekey needs to effectuate what I call the 'Sheekey Master Plan' is Mayor Bloomberg to reconsider and reassess. Whether that will happen we'll know by March 5th."
Schoen served as a pollster and consultant for both of Bloomberg's mayoral runs.


nsnwashdc said...

It's crunch time for Mike Bloomberg and this supporters. Check out the new video at

unitybroth said...

One could argue that, with Romney leaving the race, there is no experienced businessman left seeking the presidency. In this time of economic/educational/environmental trouble, I damn sure think it would be beneficial to have a leader that can make intelligent decisions.

I also encourage readers to sign the petition at

Sol Bellel said...

geh cockin

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