Friday, February 1, 2008

Mike Had A Dream

The death of the Bloomberg dream? By: Steve Benen 2/1/08. From crooks and liars

We may finally be at a point in which we can stop talking about New York City
Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his subtle-but-not-really interest in launching an independent presidential campaign. There have been several reports of late indicating that California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) had been one of the high-profile figures urging Bloomberg to consider a third-party campaign. Of course, the encouragement looks a little hollow now that Schwarzenegger has given his enthusiastic support to John McCain. Worse, the Unity08 gang folded their tent to create a Draft Bloomberg campaign, which has an online petition that is yet to generate 5,000 signatures — weeks after its launch. Adding insult to injury, Joe Lieberman, an active Bloomberg supporter during the mayor’s re-election campaign, has said publicly that the mayor no longer has a reason to launch a campaign. When the New York Observer talked to Bloomberg organizer Karin Gallet about the future, he said: “He’s not running. He’s convinced me. I’m returning to more obtainable goals like passing my business law class and supporting moderate Republicans! “We have not mustered up any kind of significant groundswell support. I think Bloomberg is just too good for this country.” Misplaced sycophancy aside, even the mayor seems to realize this isn’t going to happen. Sorry, David Broder.


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