Thursday, January 24, 2008

Where's Kevin?

An excerpt from an article concerning the whereabouts of the Mayor's political deputy, Kevin Sheekey

As Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg continues to dance around a presidential run, news media interest in the maneuverings of his chief political deputy, Kevin Sheekey, has intensified. Yet city officials have been slow to peel back the curtain on just how he spends his time. On Tuesday, Bloomberg officials finally came through on a request made last October by The New York Times under the state’s Freedom of Information Law for Mr. Sheekey’s schedule through that date. But the documents released run only through June 2007 — around the time that Mr. Bloomberg renounced his Republican affiliation and became an independent, and the speculation about his presidential prospects reached a fever pitch. Stu Loeser, Mr. Bloomberg’s press secretary, blamed “limited resources” available to fulfill a “large volume of requests” for the delay in releasing the material. Several news organizations have asked to see Mr. Sheekey’s schedule for similar time periods, and the administration releases the requested documents all at once to all organizations that have asked for them, Mr. Loeser said. The schedules from July to October are not ready for release yet, he said. And city officials also noted that certain information related to personal or security issues was redacted, as allowed by law.


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